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Create Your European Dream Adventure

Customized Tour Packages

En Route to Europe offers bespoke customized trips around Europe tailor-suited to your wants. Explore the castles and ruins in Ireland and Scotland? A shopping trip to London and Paris? Or aboard a fjord cruise in the scenic Norway, we have it all.  

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7-day London, Paris & Florence Shopping and Great City Trip

starting from £ 1874 pp, approx. Rp. 34 mil

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10-day United Kingdom England & Scotland Trip

starting from £ 2770 pp, approx. Rp. 51 mil

14-Day Scandinavian Trip.jpg

14-day Scenic Circle of Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, Norway)Trip

starting from £4300 pp, approx. Rp. 80 mil

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Create Your Own European’s Dream Trip


Why Choose Us


Countless Exciting Trips

Countless exciting itineraries in Europe’s best destinations, from all-time favorites to the more unique hotspots, tailored to your exact taste.


Details Taken Care Of

Flights, accommodation, transport and food reservations are all sorted for you. So just sit back and enjoy your trip. The tour package’s price include transport and all tour sites’ entry tickets, hotels and flights are optional.


Travel Your Own Way

Are you traveling as a family, a couple or just having an adventure solo? Don’t worry about a thing, we will fulfill all your needs and give you the best possible experience in your trip.


Expert Team

Our trip manager and consultant are your local experts, taking care of all the logistics and details in every town and city that you’re visiting.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

The quality of our trip and your satisfaction before, during, and after your vacation is very important to us. After all, we know that you’re spending some of your precious time for your holiday. So if you’re having a good time, so are we.


English, Indonesian and Mandarin Services

Tours that cater to your wants and needs in your own language.

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How It Works

  • Contact us to enquire about a trip by clicking the Enquire Now button or Contact Us form. Be as specific as you can about your dream trip: places, activities, etc.

  • Our trip manager will reach out to you as soon as possible and consult with you about your customized itinerary.

  • A tailor-suited tour package deal will be made by our trip manager for you.

  • Review the package deal and if it suits to your liking, book the tour package.

  • Our team will immediately make the necessary flights, hotel and dining reservations, along with all the transportation tickets and entry site tickets during the whole duration of the trip.

  • It’s time for your dream holiday! Our lovely tour guide will greet you right at the airport of your destination, have a great trip!